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The Estate Agent in London - Our Extra Services

Extra Help

Apart from property services, we also would like to provide the following FREE services:

Local Area Tour

To help you familiar with your new area, we can arrange for you an area tour as well as providing some useful local information. During the tour, you will learn more about your areas, such as supermarkets, restaurants, transport links, hospitals, libraries, gyms, clubs and other facilities.

Setting Up A New Home

We can provide useful information on how to set up new Telephone line, broadband, satellite TV, newspapers, etc.

Temporary accommodation

If your family or friends are on a short term stay in London, we can recommend temporary accommodation for them.

School search

We will give you valuable suggestions on school searching for your children. We can also introduce after school activities, such as experienced music teachers, to help your children enjoy the best possible education in London.

Cleaning and Maid Search

We can also introduce experienced and reliable cleaners for you to help you enjoy an easy and relax after work time at home.